Ultimate Coder Winner - Sagar Wins with Shufflr

Our Winner:

Sagar - Shufflr:  After 6 weeks of competition, Sagar and their app Shufflr came out on top. The Althea team was aggressive with high hopes of adding new features. But each week they hit roadblocks, and none of us were certain exactly where they landed. However when it came to testing the app, it's apparent Althea has high standards. The judges were very impressed with the app experience, giving Shufflr the highest points for quality.

  • "This is a fun app. From the moment it starts you understand how to use it, and in using it you immediately use it in a way that's not possible on a standard laptop."
  • "I can really see people using this app. The app also does a great job of utilizing the Ultrabook's features in ways that seem natural."
  • "Fits very well with the Ultrabook, especially in Metro UI (Windows 8 UI)."

Upon hearing the news, Sagar was surprised and elated:

"We are absolutely thrilled that the judges picked Shufflr as the winner. Firstly, being invited to such an exclusive contest is a true privilege. And then, given the high quality of contestants and the tight schedule, we saw ourselves only as underdogs. The 6-weeks were pure geek fun all the way, with some unique design & implementation challenges posed by the Ultrabook concept. A big thanks to the awesome Intel support team who helped us a lot at critical moments. May Shufflr & Ultrabooks rule the world :)"

The Final Judging:

The results were extremely tight, with the only 1% difference separating the winner from the pack.  Make no mistake this was not an easy task, not all judges saw the work the same and many of the contestants scored high, making it a close race.  See below for more details.

John - Wind Up Football: Judges were impressed both with the engaging content that John posted in his weekly videos and the quality of Wind Up Football.

  • "I like how they brought in contextual computing into the app."
  • "Not only was this a fun to play as a judge, it is a game I would buy.  They did an incredible job taking advantage of everything the Ultrabook can do, even making the game adapt to seasons.  Really well done."
  • Dual-user scenario is a perfect example of how to exploit a large touchscreen

Lee - Love Hearts App: Judges were all impressed with the technical content and innovation Lee brought to the table and it showed in the score cards.  Lee ranked high for content and technology placing Love Hearts high on all score cards.

  • "Lee has gone out of his way to include as many Ultrabook features as he could, imaginatively, and so it's a great foundation for a good showcase app."
  • "Love hearts feels very much like a Metro App.  I love the use of NFC, and the integration of the camera."

Andreas - Vocabulary Trainer: From the beginning Andreas said his goal was to build a "Metro" style app that cleanly leverages touch, UI, and navigation features of that interface. He did just that. On a personal note this one most surprised me when actually using it. The features in the settings bar provide small games and extend the learning. Well done Andreas.

  • "App does a good job of conforming the Metro / Windows 8 U.I."
  • "Andreas should also get extra credit for being the only developer to work without a team."
  • "Educational app sits well on Win 8 Ultrabook with touchscreen."

George & Suresh - MoneyBag: The Blue Innovations Duo are not newcomers to our contests, having won many.  They raised the bar for this contest leveraging numerous features and drafting detailed documentation on their work.  They scored a perfect 20 out of 20 points for their weekly content.  

  • "Posts were very detailed,"
  • "I can really see people using this app."
  • "The app itself is extremely useful"

Shailesh - BioIQ: Clef Software delivered a very solid educational app and judges took notice that this kind of app is very effective for the Ultrabook usage model.  Personally I have to agree, having a daughter taking AP Bio who found the app very useful for her studies.

  • "The app was simple and bullet proof."
  • "App does a great job of conforming to the Metro / Windows 8 U.I.  I also see it being very useful for students."
  • "App sits well in the Metro environment"

Outstanding Results By All:

Only now, that we are done, do I have perspective on what transpired. Before we launched we did not know how the developers would do.  All we knew was, they came in blind with 6 short weeks to build a functioning app.  They could have taken existing apps and tweaked code slightly with modest commentary each week.  Or we could have created unachievable task and not had any finished apps. We had no idea.  Looking back, what transpired was extraordinary.  We gave each developer new hardware with new features and capabilities never seen on that form factor. It was loaded with a new OS with two different modes of development, neither well documented for the features in the device. Not only did we get great apps but we saw innovation, technical solutions, new learning and quality documentation that never existed 6 weeks ago.  To quote Sagar, a "geek fest" for sure. What a ride!

I congratulate Sagar, and all of our developers in this project for a job well done. Also a hearty thank you to our judges for their time and attentive insight in their weekly judging.


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Abhishek 81's picture

Congrats Sagar and all the contestants

Its because of Intel initiative our dreams are becoming reality,the platform they are providing,great

anonymous's picture

Congrats Sagar!

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Congrats. Knowing your skills I am honestly not surprised. But given the competition and the time constraint, this is indeed an excellent achievement. Kudos to you and your team.

anonymous's picture

Congrats Sagar!

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Hello Lee,

Thanks for your wishes. My congrats to you and the TGC team too for pulling off amazing things in just 6-weeks. As Bob says, the difference is just 1% and that gives us all enough to smile and celebrate. Good luck ahead.

anonymous's picture

Hello Bob, We just saw this post and the whole Shufflr team is celebrating. Thanks again!

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welll..i would like to see shufflr demo, is there any available..Even video would be great..

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Congrats Sagar :-) & Shufflr,

Our hearty wishes to the team! Very happy for you and the team. Cheers to all the other contestants.

Thanks to the Intel team for organizing the content and making it big and finishing it in style.

With luv,
Suresh n George

Lee Bamber's picture

Congrats Sagar, I'm glad you solved your technical problems in the end ;) Well done also to the rest of the challengers, it's not easy to do anything in six weeks these days! Now let's hope Intel forget about these shiny new Ultrabooks they gave us - hehe.

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