- Intel AMT Provisioning demonstration video

Before I start, I want to remind everyone that Intel AMT is not required for someone to use at all. If you happen to have Intel AMT on a computer, gives you a few bonus features. In the past weeks, I have been working on cloud activation of Intel AMT and now have my first demonstration video of the entire process at work. It's still early work, but it does work well. This is live now for people with Intel AMT 7.0 and higher. I still have to test on older machines.

In the video below, I demonstrate using a USB key to provision Intel AMT using the provisioning server that is located on The big benefit here is that you don't need to install any software at all in your network. Just install the mesh agent and use the web interface to setup Intel AMT. In the video, I invoke the USB Flashing tool using Microsoft ClickOnce, if you have Chrome or Firefox, you will need to install a browser add-in to make this work.

There are plenty of flaws with this provisioning flow. For one, you need to create a USB provisioning record for each and everyone of your Intel AMT computers. I am working on Host Baased Provisioning support and remote upgrade to remote administration.

Also, last week I make a lot of improvement to how I handle CIRA connections. The servers are much more robust now.


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