- New Mesh Management Feature

A quick note to say that I added a new mesh management feature in Starting today, when going in the Account tab some users will see a new "Manage" option on top of the list of meshes they have. This option will be shown to all Windows users that use Internet Explorer or FireFox with the "Microsoft .NET Assistant" add-in. If you see the Manage option and click on it, it will download and run the Mesh Connector tool directly from the web site. So, you don't need to seperatly download and install the tool anymore. Mesh Connector will launch using Microsoft Click-once and under this mode of operation, some options are removed. For example, you can't install the mesh local agent in this mode.

Another fun trick that I added is that you can hit F12 in the latest version of Mesh Connector to see all of the traffic that is sent/received to the server. This is useful for me to debug things, but if you are interested in mesh technology and/or are just curious that is going on, just hit F12 and look at the command stream.

For most people, you never need to use Mesh Connector, but if you want to change you mesh policy or mesh name after the fact, that is the only way to do it. It's also a more secure way to create a new mesh.


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