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Just a reminder that you don't need Intel AMT to use, but if you do have a computer with Intel AMT, I try to provide a lot of support for it. In this blog, I want to show of an early preview video of Intel AMT Host Based Provisioning (HBP) performed from the cloud. This feature is not avaialble yet, but I recorded a video which shows how it works. Basicaly, starting with Intel AMT 6.1 and higher, we can see that Intel AMT is not setup on your computer and remotely activate it and start using it rigth away. We can even make it connect back to the cloud. This type of provisioning will work behind NAT/Routers/Firewalls and can get people that never used Intel AMT to start using it.

In the video below, you will see the Swarm Server and Provisioning Server, these are not publicaly available. The rest is the web site and of course the Intel AMT machine. In my case, I use an Intel AMT 7.0 computer. In the demo, I perform a hardware VNC session from the web after remotely activating Intel AMT and waitting for about 1 minute or two. Pretty simple and works pretty well. I expect to have this feature completely in 2 to 3 weeks and running on


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Where do I get the provisioning server from? I could not see it on the download list.

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