Some Best Known Methods on Troubleshooting Intel Xolo/Lava Phone USB connection and debugging with Google Adb

Make sure Intel® USB Driver for Android* Devices  (SoC driver) is well installed.

One of the first steps is to go into Device Manager ( assuming you are using Windows OS) to see if the USB device is being recognized and associated with the driver. You can open Windows Device manager, and should be able to see Intel SoC USB Driver item: 

After confirming that you successfully installed the USB driver (Make sure to download the latest USB driver from Intel® USB Driver for Android* Devices,Then plug in your phone  and you should see your SoC device:

More Troubleshooting Steps If You Still Have Issues 

In some situation, you may have issue due to the lack of enough information about the phones your are using.The following step may can help to fix the issue.

1.      Enable phone adb, then check the Windows Device manager to see the related information as above:

   You may see there are VID && PID && MI about Xolo/Lava, may different if you are using other Phone with Intel processor.

2.      Then check the file : C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Android Device USB driver\intc_adb.inf.

  Check whether the Xolo/Lava VID&&PID&& MI is in the list.

   If x86, check add the VID&& PID&&MI in the [Generic.NTx86];

   If x86_64, then add the VID&&PID&&MI in the [Generic.NTamd64].

Just follow the style already exists in the file.

%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_{xxxx}&PID_{xxxx}&MI_{xx}

4. Save and disconnect/connect the phone again.

You may need to restart adb server.

  adb kill-server

               adb devices

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