Yocto Project v1.3 Released!

This is reposted from my blog on the Yocto Project website. Please go there to access all kinds of embedded Linux goodness. 

Sometimes the imp of the perverse takes over my fingers as I tap out these little blog posts. Originally I was going to title it:

"Oops!  We did it again"

I reconsidered it because 

  • There are those who actually want sensible blog post titles so they can find the information they need
  • Some people may not understand the Britney Spears reference
  • It was absolutely no accident that we have now shipped 5 public releases of the Yocto Project (v0.9, v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3) and this latest one is no accident either. In fact, our v1.3 release today is one day earlier than initially planned.
  • And hey, we are an absolutely serious and professional community!

I already wrote a couple of posts about the 24 developer-visible features in the v1.3 release and the analysis of our defect trending and over 500 bugs fixed which led us to conclude that this is the highest quality release we have made to date. 

We're also seeing continued excellent adoption of the Yocto Project, as more folks realize that it's better to work with the large and growing Yocto Project community for their embedded Linux needs, rather than fight with something repurposed or hacked together.

But as proud as I am of the community for delivering such a stunning release, I'm constantly reminded of how far we have yet to go. Much of my time these days is in thinking about our upcoming development work and how we can rise to the challenge of creating the best environment for embedded Linux development.

So congratulations to the team for an amazing effort in the Yocto Project v1.3 release! I hope you will download the bits, engage with the community, and help us make embedded Linux even better.

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