- Web Launch Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU)

In the last few months, I have been making a lot of progress in adding Intel AMT support to Support for CIRA, Provisioning, Javascript WSMAN stack and much more. Today, I am adding another interesting feature: Users can now launch Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU) and/or OpenDTK Manageability Commander directly from the web site. No more installing software or another layer of login, just click and manage your Intel AMT machines.

So, as the picture belows shows. If you are in the "Account" tab and you have a browser that supports Microsoft ClickOnce (IE or FireFox with Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant) you will see two new options show up. You can simply click on Commander or ISDU and launch it directly from the page. The launch process with validate the signed software and that you have the latest version. Also, when launching Commander or ISDU in this way, passes a limited time login token to the management consoles so they can log into the account without user prompts. As a result, you get immidiatly loged in and ready to manage all of your Intel AMT machines over the cloud. All the features offered by Intel AMT are at your fingertips.

Another note, administrators can setup Intel AMT with or without Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA). If you opt to use CIRA, will automaticaly route the traffic into the CIRA tunnel, no questions asked. If you don't use CIRA, you need another meshed machines in the same network to act as a relay. Ether way, Commander and ISDU will launch, auto-login and route connections automaticaly to the Intel AMT machines.

Enjoy! As always, feedback appreciated.

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