RTFB Episode 1: Provisioning Intel AMT in the Cloud

Welcome to the RTFB (Reaching For Technology From Blogs) Episode 1 Blog. Guests on RTFB are given an opportunity to talk about their blogs.  For this first show, I interviewed Ylian Saint-Hilaire and we talked about two of his Meshcentral Blogs (which also contain videos):

  1. Meshcentral.com - Intel AMT Cloud HBP Preview
  2. Meshcentral.com - Intel AMT Provisioning demonstration video

Ylian has been working on cloud activation of Intel AMT and can now demonstrate the entire process at work. This feature is now available for Intel AMT 7.0 and higher. (Has not been tested on older versions of Intel AMT and is in "alpha" stages) Here are some highlights:

  • A USB key can be used to provision Intel AMT using the provisioning server that is located on Meshcentral.com. The big benefit here is that you don't need to install any software at all in your network. Just install the mesh agent and use the web interface to setup Intel AMT. 
  • It works with Windows 8
  • For the Host Based Provisioning (in the Cloud)  - not ready yet but will be ready soon and will work on AMT 6.1 and higher.
  • HBP will work behind NAT/Routers/Firewalls 
  • Cloud-based HBP will aid greatly in getting Intel AMT enabled for those who have not been able to do so previously
  • Intel AMT systems are set up in "TLS" mode since this is all being done on the internet.  

If you cannot access YouTube, access RFTB Episode 1 here.

Acronyms used: 

  • AMT - Intel Active Management Technology
  • TLS - Transport Layer Security
  • MEI Driver - Management Engine Interface Driver
  • HBP - Host Based Provisioning
  • SBA - Intel Small Business Advantage


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