Live from IDF 2012: Bloggers Talk About Perceptual Computing and Touch Sensors

Host Bob Duffy talks to bloggers Nicole Scott and Sascha Pallenberg about their impressions of IDF 2012 and what they are most excited about. Sensors and facial recognition are a couple of the big standouts for Nicole from, while Sascha of is intrigued at how the way we use computers seems to be changing. They note that this technology – accelerometers, gyroscopes, touch sensors, voice recognition, gestures, etc. – isn’t necessarily new, but the way it’s being integrated into form factors (like the Ultrabook™) is, and that makes for some exciting developer possibilities. These technologies are changing the way we develop apps; for example, a user could choose to open up a Facebook page simply by using a hand gesture, or Tweet with a blink of an eye and voice recognition. With the addition of the Perceptual Computing SDK to bundle all of this tech together, developers have a unique opportunity to usher in a whole new era of PC and computer interaction. 

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