Intel® Software Partner TikGames Sees the Future in Ultrabook™

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TikGames didn’t need a crystal ball when they began developing their new games. The answers to what’s next in gaming came in the form of the Ultrabook™. “The Ultrabook is a monumental shift in the way people interact with their machines. For the first time on a PC, controls respond to touch, gesture, and even shaking the device,” said Howard Lehr of TikGames.

TikGames is a global game development company with a roster of successful PC games, including Cinema Tycoon, Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos and Flower Shop: Big City Break. Executive Producer Howard Lehr started developing games on the Atari 800 when he was a child. “It was the only way you could get games back then,” recalled Lehr. Since then he’s been keeping ahead of the gaming curve by exploring devices and tools that keep him and TikGames developing for the future.

“Game creation is like telling the future. You must create games for the future. If you’re creating games for today, you’re living in the past,” said Lehr. The new possibility of touch and gesture allowed Lehr to dream up potential new game play for his game Noob and Ninjas, which requires users to load noobs onto a helicopter before ninjas attack. With the Ultrabook, players touch the screen to control the helicopter’s flight. “I’m going to work with motion controls next. When the player shakes it, everyone falls down. The player hopes that the noobs stand up first so they can get in the helicopter.”

“When you look at gaming, there are many breakthroughs to note, like 3-D. I think the Ultrabook is one of those breakthroughs. With the touch screen of the Ultrabook, the mundane but necessary elements of gaming, like opening a door, become much smoother and more lifelike,” said Lehr.

Lehr is an Intel Software Partner, so he gets a glimpse of the new technologies that are being developed. “The early access to cool technology is a huge plus for TikGames. We can stay ahead of the gaming curve.”

“When you’re designing games for the future, there are a lot of unknowns. Thanks to the Intel communities, I can work with others to get my questions answered,” said Lehr.

At the Intel® Developer Forum 2012, Lehr attended sessions that enriched his partnership with Intel. “The sessions here give me the time to learn how all of the tools work. I appreciate the deep dive and learning more about the tools we use.”

It’s these innovations that make game designers push through the long nights and code sprints. “When you’re a game designer, you wake up every morning because you know you’ll put your creative energy into something cool and groundbreaking. We love it. We believe in it.”

Visit the TikGames website to see their catalog of games and to keep up with the future of gaming. 

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