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John Martin, vice president of product marketing for Reallusion, was nothing but smiles when describing the Ultrabook™. “The Ultrabook is fantastic. There’s so much power in such a small form factor,” he said recently at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Animation software developer, Reallusion, is in the smiles, frowns and any other emotion business with its CrazyTalk Animator, which allows users to create actors using any photo or illustration and animate these actors in 2-D.

Reallusion is an Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone. This partnership allows Reallusion access to new technologies still in development so its developers can create software that is optimized for Intel® architecture. “Intel provides us with guidance that keeps us ahead of the curve,” said Martin.

This early access helped the company kick-off development of CrazyTalk Animator for the touch capabilities of Ultrabook. “After you’ve created your character from a photograph, you can now work on the emotion using touch. It’s a lot like digital puppeteering. You can animate everything based on touch.”

The Ultrabook allows for much faster processing as well. “The changes a user makes are rendered in real time,” said Martin. “Because of the mobility, people can use motion capture anywhere with our iClone software and Microsoft Kinect.”

During the Ultrabook optimization process, Reallusion called on Intel experts and met with Intel developers and engineers at Intel to get the code just right. They also found inspiration in the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone. “The response time to our questions was so fast, we were able to keep our workflow efficient.”

For Martin, the possibilities of touch and animation extend far beyond professional animators. “Kids could use this software. It’s an immersive way to interact with the Ultrabook and it helps them learn about emotions.”

Reallusion is looking forward to more innovation in partnership with Intel. “When you see the possibilities of digital photography and animation, it’s truly amazing.” said Martin.

Reallusion is a leader in the development of 3-D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students, and professionals. Recognized as an industry pioneer, the company provides consumers with easy-to-use avatar animation, facial morphing, and voice lip-sync solutions for real-time 3-D filmmaking and pre-visualization for professional post-production.

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