Today’s way of marketing is entirely different from the way it was before 20…10 or even 5 years ago.  No matter how large or small your business is, or is it new or well established; whether you run an home based online business or run even a brick and mortar store front. To stay competitive in today’s world we have to keep ourselves updated with all the new trends in business operations and brand building.  Fortunately for all business owners, the relatively recent and quickly growing popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook / Twitter/ Linkedin and Pinterest, have made marketing and business brand building easier than ever, giving you access to thousands of potential customers that would have been impossible to reach even a decade ago. 

To be successful in current century, we simply must step into the magic of social media.

What is social media?

Social media is a new way of communication to interact with your customers or are the tools and technologies that enable you to communicate with your customers - in places where they are congregating. Social media includes:


·         Blogs

·         Wikis

·         Video

·         Photo Sharing


Social Networking is one of the major part of social media: examples include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In Social Media it's about the buyers, not your product

In Marketing it is important to remember that it’s not just about your product, it’s about your service and above all it’s about the buyers of your product. When the focus is on the buyers, we can create compelling web content to reach them. To be more visible we need more content so that we become visible in search engines.

Social Media Marketing is for Building Relationships

We should not use social media sites only for business promotion.  Today, online shopping has made it easy for people to get almost anything they want quickly and conveniently by click of a mouse.  The magic of social media is to set ourselves apart from the competition.  Building Personal relationship with people always helps us to build our brand. This is a crucial activity that will result in loyal customers in the long run.

It’s all about engaging our customers with us in social media


In today’s Web world it’s easy for customers, businesses and the media to see what’s on people mind. It is the time to be monitoring what your customer are saying about you and your products. Our presence on blogs, forums and chat rooms with our customers shows that we care about the people who spend money on our products and also it gives the feeling of personal attention given to each of our customers. We should participate regularly and not wait for a crisis to use social media. It’s not about us participating in our forums only it is also about us participating in their forums as well. This gives our customers a feeling that we care about them enough to communicate with them on their own turf as well as in our own.

How do we respond to a crisis?


It is obvious that we will also get negative feedbacks in our forums or page. We need to turn the negative experience into a positive one.  We should respond quickly in the forum where the negative feedback has been posted. If we need to look into their feedback and find an answer, we can always ask them if we can contact them offline. This help is to turns the negative experience into a positive one.


The rules of social media

The rules of social media are up to you – Social media is like a cocktail party with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other Web, We probably wouldn't try and attend ten parties in one night as we wouldn't get to spend any real quality time with anyone. However, if we limit ourselves to a couple of parties we might have a couple of rewarding and interesting conversations. So, we should distribute our time to spend equal time to all our social media sites.

We need to build trust in the workplace when it comes to social media. We should try to place guidelines on how they should be behaving, rather than giving restrictions. There should be consequences if a person does the wrong thing. Although one person may say something negative, there are 100 others who will post positive comment. So we should not be influenced by the negative feedback, and we should focus on the positive.

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