Moving over the the latest OS & developer environment

Now a random post on my work,

This upcoming week will see load of changes for me as a developer, I will be moving everything to the latest operation system and development environment. First off, most of my lab is moving to Microsoft Windows 8. I had many secondary computers reformatted over to Win8 over the last month but yesterday my mail developer machine made the switch over from Win7 to Win8. My development machine by the way is a Core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM and, most importantly, 4 SSD's RAID'ed in 1 + 0 for both speed and reliability. The result is a blazing fast machine you never have to wait much to compile anything. With Windows 8 it now boots and works a bit faster than before.

The biggest change for me is not Windows 8, but Visual Studio 2012. All of my projects are moving over to the new version and I am going to try to make use of the new development environment as much as possible. One big letdown with VS2012 is the lack of installer project support. Basically, you can't build an MSI anymore; this is just terrible since a lot of my software is deployed as MSI's. So, we are moving over to using WiX Installer projects instead. I had someone move all of the Windows installer projects over to WiX and it seems like we are ready now to move to VS2012.

As far as my coding projects for the next few months, I got my hands full. After the upgrade, I will be finishing up support for Intel AMT cloud activation on and then, work on improving the mesh server's scalability, diagnostic and ease of use. I am expecting more people to want to deploy the mesh server and so, making it easy to install, configure and update is a high priority. I expect that, along with bug fixes to take up the next 4 months or so.


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