Meet the Winners of the App Innovation Contest

The App Innovation Contest hosted on the CodeProject, and sponsored by Intel® Software, officially concluded on December 13, 2012.

There were seven app categories in which contestants competed:  Gaming, Entertainment, Productivity, Healthcare, Education and a “Total Innovation” open category. Apps were judged using four primary criteria: Innovation, User Experience, Ultrabook enablement, and Quality.  Four amazing industry experts were the judges: Scott Hanselman,Web Technologist, Microsoft Corporation;Steve Smith, Executive Vice President, Services, Telerik; Alvin Ashcroft, Expert Software Engineer, Allscripts; and Chris Maunder, Cofounder, CodeProject.

Additional details and official results can be found on the CodeProject site. Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thank you to the judges who sifted through an overwhelming number of entries.   And now meet the winners….

 Grand Prize Winner:  

Sumerics, Florian Rappl

Sumerics is a numerical tool for plotting, performing numerical calculations and doing experiments with sensors in the new Ultrabook. Advanced high school students as well as university students will benefit from the rich numerical possibilities, such as calculating with matrices or complex numbers. The tool can be used by scientists to analyze data with in-built statistic functions or plot them. The user-interface has been designed to be as touch friendly as possible. With this app, students can easily be creative in building experiments, which involve their Ultrabooks. Finally Sumerics can not only be used to do the experiments, but also to evaluate them.

 Category Winners:  

Total Innovation

World Time Clock

Alan Anderson



Florian Rappl



Dave Auld



Matthew Pilz


NeuroControl BlinkTalk

Bryan Brown



Nirmit Kavaiya



Zubair Lawrence


App Submission Award Winners:  

Yani Ioannou

David Carr

Laurie Hedge


Aaron McGrath

Doug Mair

Mike Capobianco

Scott Trewin

Abhishek Nandy 

Erik Putrycz

Muhammad Shareef

Sean Regan

Akshay Singh

Febin John James

Nilesh Dungarwal 

Sébastien Lachance

Alexander Bell

Florian Rappl

Nirmit Kavaiya

Simon Stevens

Amit Gajjar

George Christopher

Oliver Grahl

Stephan Guenther

Anup Kumar

Haresh Dave 

Pratik Kothari

Steve Vink

Bryan Brown

Ivan Petrovic

Ranjan Dailata 


Christoffer Jäll

James Fitzgerald 

Richard Vanner

Tianyu Xie 

Claude Garrett


Roshan D

Timothy Corey

Cliff Mellangard

Kishore Gaddam

Rupam Das


Dan Funnell

Kloverpoint Technologies Inc.

Zubair Lawrence

David Auld

Kurosh F.


 Congratulations to all!  Now excuse me while I go play with some new innovative apps. :-)


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