- On RTFB (Video)

My colegue Gael Hofemeier started her own video blog for the Intel developer community and she has me featured on her very first show! Her video series is called RTFB which stands for: Reaching For Technology From Blogs... which is, really a great name for a video series! In any case, I am honored to be the first victim... guest. In the first show, I talk about Intel AMT provisioning from the cloud. The official blog about this video is here.

I started adding Intel AMT cloud provisioning into a few weeks ago, I have more work to do in this regards, but I get a pretty good start already. This cloud provisioning along with Intel AMT CIRA (Client Initiated Remote Access) makes a great site if you happen to have coomputers that support Intel AMT. In any case, here is the video! Enjoy!

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