- Manageability Commander Mesh Edition

A few weeks back, I was invited on the Intel manageability show "Down to Buisness" to talk about the Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit (OpenDTK) and demonstrate how you can manage Intel vPro computers out-of-band using Well, here is the show! Full demonstration and all. Pretty much anyone that knows anything about Intel AMT knows about Manageability Commander, a pretty full featured Intel AMT management console and is open source.

About a year ago, I added support built right into Manageabiliity Commander, you can now discover and manage Intel AMT machines through the cloud, passed NAT/Routers/Proxies/Firewalls. It's very powerful. There are two paths can use to reach an Intel AMT machines within a private network. It can bounce-off another node on the same network, or use Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA). Both ways work fine and automaticaly uses the right option. It will always use CIRA first if that option is avaialble.

So, episode 7 of "Down To Buisness" is here:


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