- Year in review

It's been a really good year for and the technology behind it. For most of the users on the site, you may have noticed that in the last few weeks of the year, the site has been much more reliable than before. A bunch of server issues have been fixed. During the middle of the year, the site was probably functional 95% of the time, making it really annoying if you tried to manage PC's using that 5% when the site did not work. So far in the last month, it's been hovering around 100% except for when I need to update the software or patch the server's OS.

This year also saw many more features around Intel AMT and Intel vPro. This is not really because users on requested it, but rather I have other people here at Intel have make use of the technology underlying and they needed these features. The two biggest Intel AMT features where Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) support and Intel AMT cloud activation. In the coming year, I will keep improving these features and likely add more web based Intel AMT management on the site.

The bulk of the changes this year where in the background. I did a lot of work to make the servers that run mesh easier to maintain and upgrade. I needed to do this because these is an increasing number of servers running mesh by other's at Intel and I need to update no only but also all the other. I expect the next 3 months to continue on this path with a lot more work on making mesh back-end easier to deploy on servers.

So what is coming up this year? Well, things can change but I would really like it if sometime by the end of 2013 people could easily create their own instance of for their own use. For example: I would have an entry in the Amazon AWS catalogue for, you do a few clicks and get your own instance of the server that you get to customize and run. I think that would be really cool. would continue of course, in fact, would be at the cutting edge with new services and features ahead of what the other server instances would have.

Ok, it's back to work for me! In addition to, other tools I maintain, especially the OpenDTK and Commander and doing great. Many more updates to come.


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