- Running the Mesh Agent on OSX

A while back, I had been working on a Mac OSX version of the Mesh Agent. It's not as polished as I would like it to be, for one, it has no installer to speak of. I also have not tested it on the latest OSX versions. Sadly, I don't keep up with the latest Mac OSX hardware. Never the less, I just updated the Mac OSX version of the mesh agent to the latest version of the code base. I also recorded a video of how to install, use and un-install the mesh agent on Mac OSX, the video will likely help some understand how to install and some of the benefits.


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I have not considered that, but that is an interesting suggestion. I have been trying to push HTML5 as much as I can including using PhoneGAP so far.

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Hi Ylian,

Have you considered using Qt on the client side? That would help you supporting multiple OS (including Android)

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Hi. is up and running. I see you have a cache proxy. Sometimes proxies will not allow connections to any other port but 80 and 443. If you can use your browser and try and then and then All of these should work (8080 will show an invalid certificate but ignore it, it's normal). If you see some but not all of these links then your proxy is blocking some things.

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Hello, ylian-saint-hilaire! Meshcentral looks cool! I am trying start now using the service for my computers. I've registered on I've downloaded MeshCenter Connector. And when I try to login through MeshCenter Connector, I can't do this.
Fiddler log:
Proxy-Connection: keep-alive

HTTP/1.0 504 Gateway Time-out
Server: squid/2.7.STABLE5
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 11:05:25 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 1154
X-Squid-Error: ERR_CONNECT_FAIL 10060
Can you check that your service is available?

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