Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge - new Camera Loaner Program

We're midway through the first phase of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge.   We're starting to see a number of you who have registered for the contest and a subset who have started working on their contest submissions.   Another innovation we've introduced is an optional Camera Loaner Program for the Creative* Interactive Gesture camera kit.   Developers who are interested in borrowing the camera for sixty(60) days can register for the contest,  then submit their prototype name and prototype description.  They will be sent a form to sign and once this is mailed back,  the camera will be on its way to their doorstep.   

There's only a few weeks left before the Phase 1 submission deadline of February 20th.   So download the Perceptual Computing SDK and take advantage of the camera loaner program if you already don't have one.   Remember there's USD $185K in cash up for grabs in this initial phase!  



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Joel D. (Intel)'s picture

Hi, thanks for the clarifying question. The camera loaner program only works in countries where it is eligible to join the contest / challenge. You'll have to register for the contest and start a contest entry to receive the loan offer on email.

Dmitry Oganezov (Intel)'s picture

Hi Joel, I have a $149 question. Does this Camera Loaner Program work in all the GEOs (countries)?

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