Going Perceptual – Meet the Ultimate Coder Judges

The theme of our latest Ultimate Coder Challenge is “Going Perceptual”. We introduced you to our brave challengers last week in Going Perceptual – Introducing Our Ultimate Coder Challengers, and this week, we’re going to introduce you to the judges who will take on the difficult task of deciding who will ultimately be the Ultimate Coder. 

Steve “Chippy” Paine

Chippy participated as a judge in the first Ultimate Coder Challenge, and apparently liked it so much he’s back again for round two (either that, or he’s a glutton for punishment!). You might already be familiar with Steve since he’s the owner of Ultrabook News, one of the best sites on the Web for finding out everything you ever wanted to know about the world of Ultrabooks. Chippy is also the owner of Carrypad and UMPCPortal mobile computing websites which were started in 2006 just before the 'UMPC' was launched. Between 1985 and 2006 Chippy had a career in the Internet industry with roles ranging from customer service to IP security design. He started computing and coding in 1983, his first internet post was in 1988 and his first blog in 2000.

Chris Maunder

Another repeat judge from our first Ultimate Coder Challenge. Chris is the Australian co-founder, administrator, and chief editor of the Code Project, an active community where developers exchange ideas and keep up with the latest technologies to help with day-to-day programming. Chris has been programming in various languages since 1988 and is a global Microsoft Visual C++ MVP.

Nicole Scott

Nicole Scott has been involved with online video since 2006 where she got her start as a technology journalist focused on mobile start-ups. In 2009, she moved to Taipei to launch Netbook News with Sascha Pallenberg, a fellow Ultimate Coder judge. Following the trends and the evolution of the Netbook together the duo launched Post PC Nation and Mobile Geeks.

Sascha Pallenberg

Sascha is one of the best known German bloggers. He is currently situated in Taiwan and writing for the English blog Mobilegeeks.com and for the German Mobilegeeks.de. The main focus lies on Smartphones, Tablets and Notebooks. During three consecutive years in 2010-2012, Sascha won the Top 20 Smart Mobile Device Pundit Award for the most influential bloggers and journalists in the area of Mobile Computing. 

Exciting times in store

As you can see, we’ve got an eclectic mix of judges that all bring a great variety of different skill sets to the table. We look forward to hearing what the judges think of the innovative work that’s going to be happening in this Challenge. Make sure you tune in via:

  • Twitter: Follow the hashtag “#ultimatecoder” for all the latest news and chat.
  • Facebook: Ultimate Coder will be on Facebook starting February 15.
  • Website: Our Ultimate Coder website is also launching February 15; we’ll be posting updates from the challengers and judges weekly. 
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It's going to be a great seven weeks, we look forward to the road ahead and to catching up with you all at GDC!

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