Friday Forum Focus: Code Samples, Different Inputs, Unity, and More

A couple Fridays a month, we’re going to look at a few of the most interesting topics that our Ultrabook community forum members have posted about in the past week. We have quite an active forum here and the discussions are for anyone with an interest in developing for the Ultrabook device. Go ahead and jump into any of these conversations simply by clicking on the links.

Code Samples

Any code samples to use pinch to zoom in Windows 7?:  There is touch screen in Ultrabook then how to apply these basic touch operations on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop?

Ultrabook Touch Screen

Ultrabook touch screen input not detected after reinstalling Win8: I was a developer in the recent Intel App Innovation contest, and received an Ultrabook as part of the competition. I recently purchased Windows 8 for it as I didn't have an MSDN account. Upon reinstalling Windows 8 the device no longer responds to touch input, which was working fine before. I'm guessing maybe I need a driver which wasn't supplied on the USB stick which came with the device, or need to otherwise help Windows detect the hardware.

Ultrabook vs. tablet

Which one is superior: the Ultrabook or a tablet? I’m a software developer, I want to buy a gadget either an Ultrabook or tablet, just wanted to know which one is really best because I’m confused which would be more comfortable in our work.

Reg issues

Reg problem while executing:  I am developing game for the Ultrabook and Windows 8, I am using DirectX C++ technology, I have downloaded a sample code from windows and it worked fine. Suddenly an error occurred while compiling.


Unity 3D and Windows*8 Ultrabook: I am currently developing a touch application that uses Unity3D. I am trying to build it for Windows 8. But there's a problem, for the moment Unity3D doesn't handle touch for Windows 8. I found this great tutorial:
the event is well created and handled but there's no information about the touch inputs, the touch count is always equal to 0. Can you help me? I can provide my code (which is very similar to the tutorial one).


Ultrabook reference design and NFC driver problems: I am currently using an Intel Ultrabook Reference Design (Ivy Bridge). It came with a USB with all the drivers included. I installed most of them, but NFC reports the need for me to insert a disk. There is no disk. In fact, it doesn't even name what disk it wants me to insert: it just says "Insert Disk:” But without that non-existent disk, NFC refuses to repair/install. Does anyone have any solutions? 

Different inputs

Detecting touch input vs. mouse input: I'm starting with Ultrabook development. I would like to know if there is a simple way to know if the user input is being done with the traditional mouse or if he/she is touching the screen at a particular moment. As the events are not exactly the same when touching the screen than when using the mouse, I think it is needed to tell the difference to be able to handle the legacy mouse properly, isn't it so?

Different languages

Assembly language: What actually is Assembly language? How and where actually is assembly language and c language used? Are software used for the development of assembly language code and linking the same?


Remote debugging: Not sure how many found this feature in Visual Studio 2012, but it is simple and amazing and only takes a couple of minutes to setup. If you are developing on a host system that is different than you target or you want to test your app on various Win8 hardware, then this is a must.


GPS sensor not working: I´m working on an application for Windows 8 desktop as part of the Code Project/Intel contest. For this contest I have received an Intel Ultrabook to test my app. Thanks, this is a really nice PC - very fast. I have a problem with the GPS location sensor, as it seems that when I use the Windows 8 location sensor api, I can only get wifi based location data (around 100m accuracy). If I´m connected to a wifi network I can get location data, but not very accurate. If I disconnect from then network, I never receive valid GPS positions.

Ultrabook and Windows*8

Ultrabook and Win8; good and bad:  I took the plunge and use the Ultrabook as my primary PC - it's the only way to really learn.  The more I use it the more features I like in Win8 - I hated win8 when I first loaded it in a VM as I had to Google/Bing how to power down (Win+i) but with use it has become a positive experience.  Boot times are wonderfully fast.  The Ultrabook is sleek, fast and feature packed and the Intel tools are great.

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