Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge - Don't Miss Out on Phase 1

Only a few more days to go before the February 20th submission deadline of Phase 1 of the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge.   Hundreds have registered for the contest and a subset have started working on their contest submissions.    We have around eleven (11) completed submissions,  perhaps a few more as entries continue to arrive.   These valid entries have the app prototype executables and videos for sharing online. 

Chances are good to win,  since there are 45 prizes in store for this phase of the Challenge.   A colleague came up with this nice graphic:

So take advantage of this opportunity.  All participants in phase 1 can also join the second phase of the Challenge. In your submission don't forget to include:

  • An image
  • A YouTube link to show your prototype in action.
  • Answers to each of the questions in the submission form.
  • A link to download your prototype that includes installation and use instructions.

Good luck!


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