Friday Forum Focus: DirectX*, Windows* 8, and Perceptual Computing

Just like we did with last’s week forum focus, this Friday we’re going to look at a few of the most active posts in the Ultrabook™ and Windows*8 forum. We have a pretty active forum here with discussions on all sorts of topics related to Ultrabooks and Windows*8, and the discussions are for anyone who would like to join them. Go ahead and jump into any of these conversations simply by clicking on the links.

Unity and Windows*8

Unity 3D 4 and Windows*8 Ultrabook:  “I am currently developing a touch application that uses Unity3D. I am trying to build it for Windows 8. But there's a problem, for the moment Unity3D doesn't handle touch for Windows 8. I found this great tutorial : The event is well created and handled but there's no information about the touch inputs, the touch count is always equal to 0. Can you help me?”


Regarding image scaling in DirectX C++:  “I am developing 2D game for Intel ultra book I am using DirectX C++ now I need to Resize the ID2D1Bitmap image before painting. In QT there is a library called Scale (Image img,size) is there is any library in DirectX c++?”


Getting message to upgrade Windows*8 versions: “Hi I am getting message, "This license for evolution version is expired. Need to install latest". Does Intel provide their SDPs latest version of Win 8? Or do any one know any smarter way (Without buying license) to do that?”

Perceptual Computing SDK

Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 Beta just released: “Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 Beta3 just released.

This release contains:
• New Gestures: Big5, Circle, Swipe Up/Down
• Bug fixes: Nuance engine and wrapper, SK DS/CI lib fixes (better hand tracking), Memory leak fixes, etc.
• New sample apps
• A new MICL installer

Please see the SDK Release Notes for details (these are part of the SDK download package).
You can download the SDK from the perceptual computing page:
Visit the FAQ page:”


Perceptual Computing Camera


Camera FAQ: “How to order camera?
Please go to

How can I check my order status?
You will receive 3 emails message.  1) Confirmation once an order has been placed.  2) Confirmation once an order has been processed 3) confirmation once an order has been shipped.  The 3rd email will contain shipping/tracking details. 

How to return or exchange the camera if it was broken when I received it?
All returns and exchanges will be made to BSI. You may email our Customer Service team at any time:  We will reply within 1 business day. If necessary, you may also leave a phone message at this number: 877.649.5817 (in English).  Dialing that number from outside the U.S. will not be toll-free.  We will get back to you within 2 business days (our response will be in English). You can also go to to find the return policies…..” keep reading for more about the Perceptual Computing Camera


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