SPARK App League Competition using Public Data Sets

On Friday Feb 22nd I attended the initial session of the Spark App League at Arizona State University's Polytechnic Campus. Ten High School teams attended this introductory session and worked through the initial setup and a few training sessions on HTML5 App Development taught by ASU Professor Ashish Amresh . 
The novel feature of this competition is the large data sets that the Town Of Gilbert have provided as a resource for the teams to use in their apps.  Various data sets, for example map data for town parks, or town calendars and events, are available in RSS feeds and XML files. 
Teams wishing to enter the competition have two more weeks to sign up: March 8th is the registration deadline, and apps need to completed and submitted by April 19th. Full details about the competition, rules, dates and a great page of resources for app developers can be found at the competition site
The SPARK App League is a joint initiative between Arizona State University (ASU) College of Technology and Innovation (CTI) and the Town of Gilbert, Arizona, and is intended to provide recognition to high school software developers to SPARK their innovation in creating real-world applications that utilize Town of Gilbert data sets

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Jennifer Alvarez of the Town of Gilbert Community Relations just sent me a link to their video highlighting this competition. The deadline for entries has passed, so check back here as we follow along with the teams and their designs.

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