Simian Squared Go Perceptual: Week 4 Ultimate Coder

Hello all!

Going to leave the chatter out this week and get down to some art:

Here's a look at the base geometry for the environment, and a look at what sculpting will look like:

This is a shot of the current version of the bowl (to catch the flying bits of clay), and on the right hand side, i've included the wheel that the pottery spins on, please note these are heavily works in progress and texturing has not begun yet.

Time has been extremely limited due to The Other Brothers launch taking up more time than initially expected but we will have a demonstrable version by the time GDC comes around so that should be fine. Our friend and collaborator from The Other Brothers has very kindly put together a japanese themed environment for us to work with, here's a look at it in-editor:

The next blogposts will include a lot of video with a look at us working and a good demonstration (finally!) and some equally awaited code stuff, I can only apologise that we've not been able to show as we'd have liked so far due to our committments and urge you to come back next week for something cool!



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