Intel® NFC-Hunt Prize draw

Congratulations YOU found the Intel® NFC hunt prize draw.

Fill in the correct answers below and you will get further information how to enter the competition to win a tablet or a smartphone with Intel Inside®.

The actual Prize draw will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at 18:00h ( 6PM) at the Intel booth.

You need to be present to win. See you all there!

How many smartphones are there currently available in Europe?


In which countries was the Orange* Intel® powered phone launched?

 Spain & France
 France & UK
 Germany & Italy

Which game comes preloaded on the Orange* smartphone?

 Need for Speed*
 Candy Crush Saga*

What is the name of Intel's web based resource for software developers?

 Intel® Developer Zone
 Intel AppUp® Program
 Intel Software

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