Workaround Patch for HAXM Installation Error "Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver"

There are occasional reports that when developers are installing Intel HAXM, they got an error said" Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver". There are many factors that could cause this error. If you happen to have an issue on your system, you can follow the workaround steps outlined below to see if the issue can be resolved.  Almost all developers who reported the issue to Intel Android forum ( got HAXM installed successfully by those steps.

1.       Download archive ( attached to this message.

2.       Extract file to any directory (for example to temp directory).

3.       Copy file “hax_extract.cmd” into same directory where your HAXM executable was extracted.

4.       Open Explorer window in directory where “hax_extract.cmd” was extracted, right click on “hax_extract.cmd” and select “Run As Administrator” item in menu.

5.       On prompt Allow/Not Allow launch application – answer “Yes” to launch script file with administrative permissions. 

After these steps driver will be installed to system.

If for some reason that your system is still having issue. There is one more way to install driver: after script failed, go to extracted folder, right-click on intelhaxm.inf file and select “Install” item.

As I can see this way just register driver in system, without any significant error processing. After system reboot driver will (or will not :-)) work depend on which brand  and model your system is,  and when it was made.

Download haxm-extract-workaround.zip12.38 KB
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1. Right click command prompt

1. Right click command prompt and run as administrator

2. type "sfc /SCANNOW". Reboot your laptop after it is completed.

3. After script failed ,go to C:\Program Files\Intel\HAXM. 

4. Right click command prompt and run as administrator

5. type "cd C:\Program Files\Intel\HAXM"

6. type "HaxInst64.exe /i intelhaxm.inf 1"

7. Then try to install the installation file again

For anyone landing on this

For anyone landing on this page while trying to get HAXM to work on 64bit machines, the digital signature catalog file cat is named wrong in both installs android sdk or HAXM intel install. I fixed it by following these steps:


Hopefully that will help fix your problem

Hi - I'm Josh, and I'm the

Hi - I'm Josh, and I'm the community manager for Android on Intel Developer Zone. This post is almost a year old, and we have newer versions of HAXM that have been released since it was written.

If you're having trouble with HAXM, can you try the following:


Last step fails. There is no

Last step fails. There is no intelhaxm.ini file in the extracted folder.                                 

I have an i7 920 CPU @ 2.67 GHz I'm sure it is VT-x and XD compatible and it's enabled in BIOS. Major problem is that there is no intelhaxm.inf file in the extracted folder.