Perceptual Computing Event Series

You probably already noticed that a lot of talk is going on on the Intel websites about Perceptual Computing, so we´re not only having a very cool Challenge for you guys, but also some tech Q&As online sessions for the contestants. We also added some APAC time friendly ones (IST), everything is listed below. If you only want to see the overview and register to the IST ones, you can also use this link:

Date Time


August 8th 09-10am CEST
August 8th 10:00 AM IST
August 9th in Russian 11-12am MSD
August 13th 12:30 PM IST
August 15th 10-11am PDT
August 15th 09-10am CEST
August 21st 04:00 PM IST
August 22nd 10-11am PDT
August 22nd 09-10am CEST
August 22nd 10:00 AM IST
August 22nd 10:00 AM IST
August 23rd 10:00 AM IST
August 23rd 04:00 PM IST

If you´re having questions or feedback, feel free to comment, ask us via @IntelSoftware or check our forums!

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