Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13 Begins

Finals at Contra Costa College are over & we are immediately starting the hackathon.  We have planned which house each team will stay in, ground rules for each house, the food to order, & times to check-in with each other.  We have about 50 hours together in this event.

Hackathon Tech
Some of the tech we
need for our hackathon:
computer, internet, microphone, music

It wouldn't be a hackathon without technology, so each hacker is bringing a laptop, if they have one.  We should be set with computers, internet, microphone, music.

During the hackathon, there will be a few teams, each working on their own project.  We will be using [Google Hangouts] to make it seem like we are together.  Every couple of hours we will have a scheduled check-in to update everyone of each teams' progress.

At the 1st check-in, things were quite chaotic.  Many of us were running around the house or trying to figure out Hangouts, so we didn't really have anything progress-wise to report.

In team Goldilocks, we have 2 groups.  The client side team & server side team.  The client side team made a prototype in Unity within the 1st day, but the server side had some issues.  We planned to do it in PHP, but needed to set up a server 1st.  We spent the whole day trying to figure out how to setup an Apache server with PHP on Windows, since we don't have a permanent Linux box running.  It seems Apache was not designed for Windows, so we had to find a specific old version of Apache that is compatible with a specific old version of PHP.  It was a long hunt since we didn't have a good lead.  Not only that, but the instructions to set up PHP on Apache was incomplete or non-existent.

For those who are interested in a Windows installation of Apache + PHP:

  1. Get Apache installer, version 2.0.64 [Here] (not the newer version)
    Install it & note down it's path.
    I found out Skype listens on port 80 [likely to bypass firewalls in strict offices].
    * If you have Skype, exit it. Don't just sign out; make sure to quit the application before installing Apache.

    * If something seems to be interfering with Apache's port, use [TCPView] to find the culprit; look under Local Port for http.  Afterwards, run the Apache installer again & choose repair.
  2. Get PHP installer, version 5.2VC6 [Here] (not the newer version)
    While installing it:
    - Choose
    Apache 2.0.x Module
    - Set the configuration directory to the Apache's "Apache2\conf\" directory
  3. Open "Apache2\conf\httpd.conf" with a text editor
    * If you are on Vista or newer, you might have permission issues editing the file, so copy it somewhere you can edit, then replace with the updated file later.
  4. At the end of the file, there's a PHP segment.  Update the values to point to the correct place, like:
    		PHPIniDir "C:/PHP"
    		LoadModule php5_module "C:/PHP/php5apache2.dll"

    If you pasted in the path, don't forget to replace the Windows "\" with the normal "/".
  5. [Optional] Change the DocumentRoot & DirectoryIndex variables if you need.  Mine are set to:
    DocumentRoot "C:/Apache/Web"
    		DirectoryIndex index.php

    DocumentRootis not the same asServerRootThis caused me big trouble when I set the server's root to the web page root.
  6. Add Apache.exe to your firewall's exception list [located in: Apache2\bin\]
  7. Double click the Apache icon [red feather] in your tray, then stop & start your Apache server
    The restart button gave me trouble, so I click stop then start instead
  8. If the instructions don't work or is not clear enough, comment below.  Let me know.

That was our biggest road block in the 1st day.  After a bit of rest, we should be ready to code.

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Edward Thang's picture

OMG That sounds awesome!
Will do.

Edward Thang's picture

Yeah, most of us have a GitHub account.

Paul Steinberg (Intel)'s picture

Also -remind me to update you with our cool new hackathon Bluetooth* speakers!

Paul Steinberg (Intel)'s picture

Cool Edward and guys! DId you get access to the github?

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