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This was a great hackathon.  We learned things we might not have without the hackathon.  I know for sure I did.  I was never able to setup Apache with PHP in the past because of reasons, but the hackathon had me tackle the problem until it was solved [for the entire 1st day].

The project turned to a different goal than the original since we were a bit ambitious.  Right now [26/5/2013], we have a collection of about 100000+ stars stored on the server.  The client will request star information & the server will provide the star data.  Later on we will step up the game & do more with the game.

There were 2 groups in my team [our team is named Goldilocks]; the groups were the client side & server side programmers.  The client side had gone very smoothly since they used Unity.  As for my part, the server side, things went slowly; we had to figure out how to set up the web server, then learn, code, & debug PHP in a plain text editor.  Things might have gone better if we had better ways to debug.

It took us a while to code learn & code from scratch, but we got the server to takes requests for data & respond in a customizable way:

Case 1: "http://domain.tld/Format/StarID/Distance/Spectrum/"
That would return a table of everything formatted with the columns StarID, Distance, Spectrum.

Case 2: "http://domain.tld/PlayerPos/2/3/4/Max/1000/Format/StarID/X/Y/Z/Distance/"
That would return just the objects that were within range [<= 1000 units] of the player.
The columns this time would be StarID, X, Y, Z, Distance.

Virtual Hackathon Hangouts
Foreground: Google Hangouts session with other teams & professor.
Background: The client side team seriously breezing through their work.

The hackathon felt very short, at least for team Goldilocks, so some of us already made plans to do more mini hackathons a few times a week to complete the project.

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Edward, You are a blog writing machine ;-) Congratulations on the hackathon. I look forward to hearing more of your accomplishments.

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