Polish Your Perceptual Computing Skills: Munich Events Coming in June

The way humans interact with computers is rapidly evolving beyond what we’ve been familiar with for the past few decades.  Traditional input devices like the mouse and keyboard are no longer the only ways to interact with software and hardware, and developers all over the world are creating new ways users can use computers – an emerging field called perceptual computing.  Here's a video that gives you a quick overview of what perceptual computing is all about:

To support further advances in this exciting field, Intel has released the Perceptual Computing SDK, a free framework developers can use for their applications. Perceptual computing will fundamentally change how people interact with their PCs in intuitive, natural and engaging ways. With the Intel, developers can create exciting new applications that take advantage of the SDK’s core capabilities: close-range hand and finger tracking, speech recognition, face analysis, and augmented reality. In order to build up excitement in the developer community and get early adoption and insights into the Perceptual Computing application experiences, Intel has created a number of Perceptual Computing focused programs and incentives such as the recent Ultimate Coder: Going Perceptual competition and the ongoing Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge.  Furthermore, Intel is supporting a series of Perceptual Computing Workshops and Hackathons across the globe to help train developers on the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK.

Got an idea? Let us know!

Developers interested in creating Perceptual Computing apps should consider getting their ideas registered into the Perceptual Computing Challenge by June 17th.  The best ideas will be selected to continue forward in the world wide app challenge, with the potential to gain prizes, support, and the recognition of your peers.

Learn more about perceptual computing at a local workshop

Workshops are being started in US, Europe, Brazil, India, and China. For Munich, there is one free workshop planned, created with the intent to help developers become familiar with the Perceptual Computing SDK and the Creative*Gesture Camera Kit:

  • Perceptual Computing Workshop: Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM, Munich, Germany. The training provided in this workshop is designed to help you get familiar with the PerC SDK (download it here: http://intel.ly/12VZRNX) and the Gesture Camera Kit. You need to attend the workshop to compete in the Hacknight! Register for the workshop here.

These workshops are interactive events where developers can connect with Intel personnel and get hands-on training with the SDK, Creative* Gesture Camera, and Ultrabooks in order to create an immersive perceptual computing experience. The workshop must be attended in order to compete in the Hacknight.  

Perceptual Computing Hacknight

Once coders have a few more perceptual computing development skills under their belts from attending the above workshop, it’s time for a bit of friendly competition at the Perceptual Computing Hacknight, scheduled for June 22, 2013.   Developers who have participated in the Perceptual Computing Workshop have the opportunity to bring a new idea or existing project into a 24 hour coding challenge and compete for up to €4.500 in cash prizes to win in Germany at the Perceptual Computing Hacknight, June 22-23:

  • Perceptual Computing Hacknight: June 22nd, 1:30pm- June 23rd, 3pm.  24 hours straight of code to build quality app, or to integrate the possibilities in your existent app, using gestures, voice control or face recognition... Be one of the 3 best apps to win prizes! Register for the hacknight here (remember, you must attend the workshop in order to register for the hacknight!).

This is a true “hackathon”. While developers can bring in existing projects, they will be required to code Perceptual Computing features within a 24-hour period. Projects will be arbitrated by a panel of judges, looking for the best technical implementation of perceptual computing features, effective perceptual computing user experience, and overall completion of their original objectives. Prizes include a €2.500 Grand Prize, €1.000 for the Most Innovative, and another €1.000for the Best User Experience.

This dynamic event is scheduled to take place in Munich, Germany, and promises to be an exciting time for all involved. You can register for the Hacknight here.

Grab your spot!

Perceptual computing is a rapidly moving field and it’s just getting started. These events promise to deliver a first look at what the promise of perceptual computing truly holds for developers who are eager to lead the way. Register at our Perceptual Computing-Workshops and Hackathon page today to reserve your spot!



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