- New Direct Routing is of course a cloud service, but it can also be run as an Intranet service. I do exactly that within Intel and so, I get a bunch of users that give me feedback about the Intranet version of from time-to-time. Well, I supported two ways of routing traffic to Intel AMT... using a another node as traffic relay or use Intel AMT Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA). Someone gave me feedback last week that within the Intranet he could not access his lone machine, this was surprising since the Intranet version of Meshcentral has direct connectivity and would not have to do any complicated routing to perform management operations. With all the cloud techniques I use, I never bothered to support the simplest routing of them all. So this week, I added "direct routing" from the server to the nodes.

I still have a flaw with my implementation... I realized it last night. This new direct routing to Intel AMT only works if the Mesh Agent is alive and running to report it's presense to the server. So, there is a blog about a new feature... but I still have work to do to make it fully work.

In the picture below, we see all 3 ways Meshcentral can route traffic to Intel AMT. CIRA only works passed NAT routers, traffic relay works passed NAT's and HTTPS proxies. The direct routing could be useful if computers are exposed with a public IP address, or at least the Intel AMT ports.



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