Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College

We are in another Code for Good Hackathon, this one is part of the Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience [IUEE].  From June 10 - 20, Contra Costa College students fly to Chandler Gilbert College, a community college in Arizona.  We are facilitating 2 separate hackathon there.  In each hackathon group, there are 9 teams, each with about 6 people; there are around 120 people total in these hackathons.  This is the 1st time we participated in a hackathon at this scale.

IUEE Attendees
The briefing before the hackathonees begun their work.
Facilitators wear a bright orange shirt to stand out in the crowd,
however, many of us don't really want to wear orange for a whole week. :D

The students coded away whle the facilitators shoulder-surfed, which is walking around & looking over people's shoulders, assisting whenever there are problems.  It is better to butt in and ask if help is needed, since many people are too shy to ask.  We planned things the best we could, but there is always room for improvements.  This hackathon was a new experience for us and we'll be revising and tuning our methodology to make future hackathons run even more smoothly [we have 2 more IUEE hackathons this summer].

Even though it sometimes feels a bit chaotic to us behind the scenes,  the students leave feeling satisfied.  They feel great because they learned a lot, we succeeded.  Lets hope they do get their apps working though.

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