First Day of Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience, App Academy @ Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Today was the second week of the IUEE@CGCC in Chandler, Arizona. We are learning how to create an HTML 5 app from the business plans our teams formulated during our first week of the program. The format of the App Academy portion is that of a hack-a-thon. 

While I miss having Hannah and CJ leading our group (WORD!!! CJ, Hi Hannah!) I am very excited for the chance to learn from Paul, Tom, and all the other App Academy mentors. I am very appreciative of this chance to experience this entire program.

My group had the idea to create an app with the goal of involving kids and parents more in each other's lives. I began by creating a githup gist repository for our project. I am hoping to blog the events with photos and other items to document the experience. This is the reason I switched from Forensic Science to Engineering! (I had been a forensic chemist and chemistry professor for a total of five year before, and I got bored with it). I am the exact opposite with IUEE program. 

Mood- so excited that I can not sleep!!! 

Chris Moody

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Ashish D.'s picture

Glad to see you guys are using Github. Having an online repository is so helpful for coding in teams. Look forward to more fun in the future!

Paul Steinberg (Intel)'s picture

Thanks for the post Chris. Let us know how you app dev work is proceeding.

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