- June 14 Server Maintenance

Just a quick note to say that there will be server maintenance tomorrow June 14th for a while. The server room that hosts is upgrading their UPS. So, no panic you there is no server, it's all under control.

Update: Seems like nothing happenned on June14th, but right now (June 16th) the entire server room is down, so maintenance is occuring now.


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Siddiq T.'s picture

yesterday i tried to open that page, but now i can.
and now i can control my computer anywhere. thanks

Ylian S. (Intel)'s picture

No, it's up and running. Are you trying to access Do you see a page? Is the problem that you can't login?

Siddiq T.'s picture

now i cannot open the link. is it still maintenance?

Ylian S. (Intel)'s picture

Hi. In the last 24 hours, I had a database problem and fixed it. Can you try again and let me know if the problem is still present.

Siddiq T.'s picture

HI, why i cannot log in on ? (Your login attempt was not successful.
Please try again.) there is these word when i log in.
help me please.

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