Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE): Code for Good Hackathon Week 1

        Second week and week one for the Code for Good Hackathon has ended. This week was rough for my group and me. We went from winning to failing. But as the brilliant Thomas A. Edison once said "[We] have not failed. [We]'ve just found a thousand ways that won't work". Everything is a process. Not everything will come to us so easily. 

        The week started by greeting and meeting the Code for Good Hackathon instructors. The main instructors are Brad Hill and Tom Murphy; from Intel Paul Steinberg; the students intructors are Alejandro Ramirez Escanellas, Aura Davis, Edward Thang, Ferissa Lagasca, Francia Garcia, Jeffrey Petersen, Michial Green and Yirong (Alexis) Liu. So far, they have been amazing. We are not just getting to meet them at a professional level but also at a personal level. Since my group is formed by non-programming experienced students, we have been dramatically benefited by the instructors. We have been given tutorials, group and personal, and help from them. 

        This week was all about developing our applications, getting them to the Alpha level, and teamwork. However, for our team it was not just that; it was also and mainly to learn how to program. With the help from the instructors, we were able to fully develop a website and to start our app. However, we took too much time on learning how to program the app. At the beginning we all took a day to learn how to code but it actually took as about 2 days. Then we divided our group in three groups; the web developers, who are Joseph Shiboyan and David Ta; the program coders, who are Thoa Nguyen, Marcel Morris, and Diana Monreal; and the graphics designer, which is myself. As the days went by we saw our app progress right in front of our eyes. On Thursday, the day before the deadline to have the Alpha level, we all though we were going to have it. However, unfortunately we didn't. 

        On Friday, we realized that we were not going to have it on time. We worked as fast and as hard we could, but did not make the deadline. When it came to present we knew that we did not have our app at the Alpha level. We presented as our product and are currently still working on getting the Alpha level done. However, it will be good. Failure is a way of learning. It gives us more knowledge of our product and it makes us group up in many other forms. I'll be updating and letting you guys know how it goes on Monday. I will also be posting the Alpha aproduct. 


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After it's all said and done, looking back on your team reminds me just how great hackathons are and how much everyone learns. You guys did great and I'm glad i was able to help. :)

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Dear Yarima - First of all, your team did not fail at all! You are succeeding in marvelous ways. You have come from very little knowledge of working with code to having a capable (and very ambitious) working application. Well done!

I realize that we set the wrong tone with judging the Alpha stage -it made it seem pass/fail zero sum. This is not the case by any means. Indeed, it is the exact opposite of what we promised on day one!

You say we learn by failure. That is very true. We instructors made the Alpha seem like a pass fail/moment when in actuality, it is just a step along the way.

I will speak to this Monday morning. Keep coding and keep pushing on! You guys are amazing - I am very proud of you all.

Your friend and chagrinned instructor - Paul

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