- Server Issues & News Update

Quick post to update everyone on a few things:

  • has been having outages. A few hours 2 days ago and a few hours yesterday both times during the night. The server is actualy fine but administrators of my server room are doing some work on the network. I did get a few mails about this and forwarded the concerns to the server room administrators. Hopefully it will not happen again.
  • Mesh agent v1.71. I just release a new version of the agent to fix a problems with the agent running on some machines. Version 1.70 had a new wireless scanning feature and made use of "wlanapi.dll" which I assumed all versions of Windows had, even back to Windows XP. Well, the was not correct, some version of Windows Server don't come with wireless services installed and the new agent failed to run. Agent v1.71 has dynamic bindings to this DLL, so if the DLL is not present, it's ok, it will still run but with WiFi scanning disabled.
  • Intel Developer Forum. It's this time of year again, IDF 2013 will be in San Francisco September 10 to 12th. I will be a speaker this time around with one session and two labs. My topic is connecting Intel Platforms to the cloud, I will have a great time using a much hardware features as I can possibly use to make Intel computers work with the cloud. More blogs on this to come.

That is it for now,

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