Intel Developer Forum 2013 - San Francisco!

Hi everyone! This year I have been asked to make a comeback at IDF, the Intel Developer Forum! As my blog readers know, I work on many interesting projects as a one man development team:, Manageability Developer Tool Kit (DTK), Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU) and the Intel Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies. Many of these projects make direct use of unique Intel platform technologies like: Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), Intel Remote Wake, Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT), Digital Random Generator, AES-IN, Wake-on-LAN, etc. So, I am in a pretty good position to share with developers my experiences and help more people use these great platform features.

This year, I am giving one session (1 hour) and one lab (2 hour). The lab is given twice, so the program will show two, two-hour blocks. Here is my schedule as currently planned: – Using Intel® AMT and Intel® Smart Connect Features From the Cloud.
Day 1
, Tuesday September 10th, 3:45 to 4:45pm, Room 2007

SFTL003: Using Intel® AMT and Intel® Smart Connect Features From the Cloud
Day 2
, Wednesday September 11th, 1:00 to 3:15pm, Room 2000
Day 2, Wednesday September 11th, 3:45 to 6:00pm, Room 2000

In both classes the goal is the same: show that Intel platforms are great at connecting to the cloud. Lets say you want to connect a device to a server in the cloud. We are going to look at how it's usualy done with a regular client-to-server connection. Then we are going to leverage all the Intel platform technologies at our disposal to add many more capabilities to our cloud service. The session will be a quick overview, I will demonstrate the benefits of using platform features and show you how to get started quickly and what code we have already available. The labs are typically smaller, more indepth and much more interactive, I get to answer questions that can help developers in their day-to-day work, show where to get source code, how to get started and much more. The entire lab will be demos, code & fun!

I look forward to seeing you there. To register or for more information, links below:

IDF Main Page:
IDF Registration:


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