- Now with Intel AMT certificate activation

I just added certificate based Intel AMT cloud activation support (TLS-PKI) in that works behind NAT’s and HTTP proxies, uses a reusable USB key and makes use of Intel AMT one-time-password (OTP) for improved security.

Ok, let’s back up a little. Computers with Intel AMT need the feature activated before it can be used. Historically it’s been difficult to setup the software, network, certificates and settings to start activating Intel AMT, especially for smaller businesses in a way that allows administrators to use all of its features. It’s even more difficult if all the computers are mobile. With Mesh, we want to put all of the Intel AMT activation in the cloud, so administrators don’t need to worry about the how it all works. Administrators can launch their own instance of Mesh on Amazon AWS, install the mesh agent on each their machines and, when time permits create and use a single USB key to touch each machine for Intel AMT activation. will automatically detect when a computer can be activated and do all of the appropriate work in the background, and this, even behind a HTTP proxy or NAT/double-NAT routers. Mesh fully supports Intel AMT Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) so once activated, Intel AMT can call back to the Mesh server independent of OS state. Administrators can then use the web site or tools like Manageability Commander Mesh Edition to use Intel AMT features across network obstacles. Mesh will automatically route traffic using direct, relay or CIRA, so administrators don’t never need to worry about how to connect to a machine over the Internet. As an aside, Mesh fully supports Host Based Provisioning, so that is still an available option if you don’t want to touch using a USB key and are ok with the client mode limitations.

A full video demonstration is available here.


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