IDF 2013: Developer Demos You Won’t Want to Miss

IDF 2013 is only a few weeks away, and developers from around the world are getting ready to attend this exciting event, scheduled for September 10-12, 2013, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California. No matter what part of the technology spectrum you might specialize in, anything from development to hardware, IDF is a great way to discover new technical information and connect personally and professionally with people who can help support you and your efforts.

One of the most eagerly anticipated highlights of IDF are the developer demos, based at the Intel Developer Zone booth showcase. Every year these demos give attendees a chance to see cutting-edge development in action, and this year promises to be one of the best so far.

Here’s what we’ve got scheduled at the Intel Developer Zone booth for you in 2013 (please note times are subject to change; check the demo floor schedule for the most up to date times at IDF):

Touch Interface by Ideum :  Ideum will be demoing a customizable touch interface that can be added to non-touch enabled desktop games as an example of how more apps can enable touch capability in 2014 along with an example of 2 in 1 state awareness. “Ideum can be used to enhance existing desktop games for new input models like touch and sensors.  OEMs can either choose from Ideum’s catalog of enabled games or drive for differentiation by creating their own! This will be available both for Core and Atom, showing 2in1 as well as touch and sensor control of: Castle Crashers, Trackmania, Dust and likely Fallout 3: New Vegas.”Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 from 11-1, Wednesday Sept. 11-1 at the Technology Showcase

Robots by Daniel Harrigan: Daniel Harriganwill be demonstrating remote control of a wheeled robot via facial gesture recognition using the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and the Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera Kit. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 11-1, Wednesday Sept. 11 5:30-7, Thursday Sept. 12 11-12:30 at the Technology Showcase

Perceptual Computing Prototype by Jacob Pennock: Jacob Pennockwill be demoing a Perceptual Computing prototype, specifically a gestural spell casting game that he is developing for the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. The current working title of the game is "Head of the Order". Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 11-1, Thursday Sept. 12 11-12:30 at the Technology Showcase

Sculptus with Hansong Zhang: Developer Hansong Zhang will be demoing Sculptus; “this is a testbed for emerging real-time modeling and art mediums based on next-generation sensors. The video (below) shows screen captures of a few fun sessions with the tool, using Intel/Creative GestureCam and the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK. Rendering and algorithms are fully accelerated on GPUs to ensure real-time frame rates.Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 1-3 at the Technology Showcase

Smiles with Mike Kasprzak: Developer Mike Kasprzakwill be demoing Smiles HD, a highly cross platform puzzle matching game for PC and Mobile devices. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 1-3, Wednesday Sept. 11 5:30-7 at the Technology Showcase

Perceptual Computing with Martin and Devy Wojtczyk: This developer team will be demoing several Perceptual Computing projects they entered during the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenges Phases 1 & 2, and on which they worked during multiple Intel-hosted Hackathons in Sacramento and San Francisco. These include an application for medical doctors who need to look up patient information and diagnostic images in sterile conditions, an application that utilizes the PerC SDK to control Google Earth touch-free via gestures and voice, and a LEGO self-driving car. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 1-3, Wednesday Sept. 11 4-5:30, Thursday Sept. 12 12:30-2 at the Technology Showcase

Windows*8 with Gregor Biswanger: Developer Gregor Biswanger will be demoing Windows* 8 apps, including a social media marketing tool called CleverSocial and how to develop a Compass app. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 3-5, Wednesday Sept. 11 11-1 at the Technology Showcase

Stargate Gunship with Chris Skaggs and John Bergquist: The Code-Monkeys will be demoing their Perceptual Stargate SG1 Gunship game; “in many ways very similar to what we had at GDC but new and improved.”Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 3-5, Wednesday Sept. 11 4-5:30 at the Technology Showcase

Android with Chris and Rebecca Allen: This developer teamwill be demoing “new cutting-edge technology allows developers to stream live video to and from an Intel based Android smartphone to a Windows 8, Android tablet or Smart TV over a local WIFI network. The result is similar in functionality to the Nintendo Wii U, yet using devices people already have in their pockets/pocket books and living rooms.” In addition, their demonstration will feature a piece from the new art show “From Paper to Pixels”, where traditional artists are paired with new media artists to push the boundaries of what's possible in art through new technology. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 3-5, Wednesday Sept. 11 11-1 at the Technology Showcase

PerC Pachinko with Steve Favis: Developer Steve Faviswill be showing a playable development build of Perceptual Pachinko, an Ameon Game, and other game titles he has in development for mobile. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 5-7, Thurs. Sept. 12 12:30-2 at the Technology Showcase

Motion Content with Danny Woodall: Sixense’sDanny Woodallwill be demoing “Sixense In Motion” middleware, which enables developers to rapidly create motion content for a variety of input devices on multiple platforms using a powerful and robust API. They will be demoing 2 applications using their In Motion engine and Intel Perceptual Computing SDK technology; Puppet In Motion and Portal 2 Perceptual  Pack. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 5-7, Wednesday Sept. 11 5:30-7 at the Technology Showcase

Motorbike with Andres Martinez: Developer Andres Martinezwill be demoing his Motorbike Game running on an Ultrabook. Demo Times: Tuesday Sept. 10 5-7, Wednesday Sept. 11 4-5:30 at the Technology Showcase

Drones with Martin Foertsch and Thomas Endres: Developers Foertsch and Endres will be demoing an application that controls a Parrot AR.Drone with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK: “The idea is to control the drone with your bare hands. We are demonstrating how human people are interacting with the gesture cam and controlling real physical objects like a flying drone. And this is the really cool thing about our demo since most of the people are not expecting such a showcase. Mostly you are controlling software objects, not physical ones.” Demo Times: Wednesday Sept. 11 11-12, 4-5; Thursday Sept. 12 11-12 Moscone 2nd Floor


Will you be at IDF?

For many people, pne of the best parts of IDF is simply the connections you can make both personally and professionally. The chance to see demos and chat with other developers about cutting-edge technology  is a major draw for many software developers. Register for IDF now – we look forward to seeing you there!










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