HTML5 and JavaScript* at IUEE

During the second week of IUEE in Portland, Oregon we got a chance to go through "app academy". In this 2-week session we got to get exposed to many new programming languages as well as different functional uses for them. We were arranged in groups prompted to create a game using the new coding skills we had acquired during the sessions. 

I had learned C and C++ in school but I had never been exposed to JavaScript* or HTML5 coding for web development. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of coding with HTML5 and learning how different programming languages function together to create a game. As a group we each worked on different parts of the game, some coding, some drawing up sketches, and some just putting in input and observing the whole process. I got a chance to shadow the different elements in the game. We had to get pictures drawn up in PhotoShop* so we could have graphics. Luckily we got a very experienced graphics guy as part of our group to help make those outstanding. 

After all the hours of hard work that were put into our game, I felt we had a very satisfying product for the amount of time we were given. This essentially was a huge learning process for me to see how stressful a project can be and how to work better in a team. I have learned that it is much easier when everyone is able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses honestly to make production easier.


This game that we created essentially is to dodge the unhealthy food and pick up the nutritious foods instead. There are rolling donuts that shoot out at the player and they have to use the arrow keys to jump up and down. We added some audio and created a whole website that generated the game. After everyone's contribution I think we had a pretty awesome game!

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Hi Sonja,

Another nice blog! Thanks!! Ant way you can post a live link to your awesome game? What's next for you? Any new coding projects? Maybe a hackathon?

Best -Paul Steinberg

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