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I am very happy to annonce that in addition to, I now have a new Meshcentral information portal at: The this information site is for anyone interested in learning how Meshcentral works, but it's especially for administrators and developers that need to run their own version of Meshcentral or build applications on top of it.

The web site has piles of tutorial videos, demonstration videos and documentation for pretty much anything mesh related. A bunch of the Mesh API's are documented. I also have a video explaining that Meshcentral is all about. In general, the API's documented are the same ones that I use for developing all of the usages on top of the peer-to-peer network.

If you are interested in creating your own web site that makes use of, there is documentation on the Mesh Javascript API. That API is pretty cool. If you look at the HTML source code of the Meshcentral web site, you will see that I use "meshcentral.js" quite a bit. You can also learn about the Mesh Network Routing tool that can port map any port on your local machine to any port of any mesh enabled machine. That is just the start, there is just a huge pile of documenation!

Main site:
Info site:

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Hi, thanks for your great job. Where i can download MeshSwarmServer and all component ?
Thanks a lot.

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