An Opportunity from Intel® Developer Zone that changed my life

Its been a  close to a year that I am a part of Intel® Developer Zone and i am liking every bit of it.Being from a IT Support Background Intel Developer Zone showed me the path to persue my dreams and then  i started.Participated in the last years Intel App Innovation Contest 2012 and was a finalist over there.As i grow as a developer i intend to contribute more .I am also the finalist at Intel Perceptual Challenge Stage 2 and 2nd round qualifier of Intel App Innovation Contest 2013.In the mean time i wrote a lot of article in CodeProject targeting Intel Software Technologies I am sharing those.Hope you will like it.

My 2nd Prize Entry for Ultrabook article Contest

Intel App Innovation Contest Entries 2013(2nd round Qualified ones)

1)BreaknBounce:-Its a game that i am developing for AIO Horizon using Unity(Touch enabled app)

2)Space3D:-its an app that i am developing for Lenovo Tablet 2 (education oriented).It will have interactive Spaceflight Models which you will be able to

interact with Touch and Facebook SDK integrated to share facts about Space Explorations

3)Klubd:-Its an Entertainment app that i am building for AIO Horizon with Visual Search(powered by Ocutag) and more cool features.

4)Retail-i-mate:- A Retail app powered by Ocutag targetd for Lenovo Tablet2

This is  place where i learned programming Intel Developer Zone and i will try to share more as I learn more.I learnt a lot from Fellow Developers Contributing here and some helpful articles From Bob Duffy with Sensors for Ultrabook and i intend to experiment and explore more with Intel Developer Zone.Thanks Intel Developer Zone!!

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Sounds Like a Nice road map to success and is also inspiring.I would also like to be like you someday in  the foreseeable future!

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