Touch is the New Joystick for Gaming

New touch controls in digital mediums like smartphones and Ultrabook devices has created a new gaming ecosystem. Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, and Temple Run are just a few of the hundreds of popular new games that rely on touch interaction.

The popularity of these games is due in large part to the popularity of digital devices, but also because touch interaction provides a more interactive, immersive experience when playing a game. Players no longer are a step disconnected with a joystick or keyboard. They can actually touch and feel parts of the game as they control certain elements. An example is the popular Fruit Ninja game, where players’ fingers’ are virtual ninja swords cutting fruit that flies through the air.

Even traditional games are becoming revitalized through touch interfaces. is a company that has reimagined traditional games with touch interfaces on Ultrabook™ systems and other digital devices. It has recreated Tic-Tac-Toe, Pong, Sudoku, Memory, Shuffleboard and even Curling through new touch interfaces. Playing these games by touch breathes new life into these games. The company has also produced a racing game where fingers are used to control a steering wheel.

“We believe touch interfaces are the digital mediums of the future and will continue to grow in popularity,” said Nicolas Chaillan, CEO of AFTER-MOUSE.COM. “Games becoming more exciting, immersive and entertaining with touch controls.”

AFTER-MOUSE.COM is an Intel® Software Partner.

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