Looking for a "Few Good Developers" - to Become Community Members at Large

So I morphed my title from a Marine Corps. slogan - I know my late father and my not-so-late brother (both former USMC Seargents) would approve.

Anyway - I'm sure you've heard of the IDZ Black Belt Developer Program - in short it is our Intel® Developer Zone recognition program. Our developer forums are extremely popular. That's where you've find tons of comments, questions and answers. Every time a user posts to the forum he or she gets points - 10 for each post and 80 points for blogs and articles. We've been doing this for a number of years and those points add up - just ask Steve Lionel - an Intel Engineer who has accumulated more than half a million points. (He is Dr. Fortran, after all!) Steve's points have steadily increased as he has written blogs, articles and Q&A in the forums. That's a lot of work - and could be a tad intimidating to someone who is just starting on IDZ. You should not feel that way - we've all gotta start somewhere.

So back to the title of my blog - I am looking for sw developers who have been contributing to IDZ and who want the opportunity to contribute more - in a slightly bigger way. How would you like to be a IDZ Server/Performance Community Member at Large? Intel Black Belt Developer Javier Caceras started out as a very engaged member of what was once the Intel Software Newtwork Manageability Community - prior to becoming a Black Belt Developer he was a Community Member at Large.  This link takes you to one of his blogs he wrote after being named. He contributed even more frequently, accumulated more points and stepped up to Black Belt Developer a short time later. Javier is a real expert on a number of technologies including Intel® Active Management Technology

If you are interested in becoming one of several said Community Members at Large for Server: http://software.intel.com/en-us/server-developer including Intel® Xeon and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor and Performance: http://software.intel.com/performance Communities/Zones send me an email at kathy.a.farrel@intel.com and we will discuss! 

The uncommon, the excellent - the IDZ Server/Performance Community Members at Large. 


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Dmitry - I neglected to include that link - big miss! Thanks for helping me out.

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