- Now with Intel® Galileo support

I am very happy to announce that now supports remote management of the Intel® Galileo boards! We now have a new port of the Mesh Agent that targets this board and released it on along with the installation script a few hours ago. Meshcentral makes it easy to install the mesh agent, the web site gives you an Arduino* Sketch that you simply cut & paste into the Arduino development environment. That is it! A few minutes later the device will show up on and you can start managing it. We have a Youtube installation and demonstration video here.

For people that have this board already, please test it and give us feedback. I have not used the board with the MicroSD card yet and so, I have not looked into getting the Mesh agent to stay on the device across reboots. So far, the agent has been tested to works on the stock OS and development environment and suggestions as to how to improve the user experience are very welcome.

By the way, I left the Intel® AMT / Intel® vPro™ monitoring and relay code active in this port of the agent. So, if you have an Intel AMT machine nearby the is sleeping / soft-off, your Intel Galileo board will now start monitoring it and relay traffic back to



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