New Apps, NDK Ports, & Social Good at Android CodeFest NYC

One thing is certain, the spirit of innovation and exciting development is strong in the NYC area.  We saw that first hand at the Intel Android CodeFest held Nov 1 & 2nd at AlleyNYC.

On our first night we were joined by approximately 90 developers who learned about coding NDK apps for x86 devices, as well as how to create cross platform apps using the Intel XDK.  The following day 50 developers broke into 15 teams to join in the CodeFest challenge.  Developers either ported ARM NDK apps to x86 or created new apps using Intel tools and native libraries for x86.  Not all but most made it to the end with 11 apps presented for the hackathon and 5 NDK apps successfully ported to x86.

As well many attendees played along with our KitKat challenge posting their best photos using KitKat chocolate bars.  


We were also joined by the United Nations Foundation who challenged our developers to create a socially good app. In possibly the most captivating moment of the first night, we heard about the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action MAMA partnership which delivers vital health messages to new and expectant mothers in developing countries via their mobile phones. This is knowledge many of us take for granted, but valuable information to those who generally might not have access.

It was truly a fun New Yorker event.  

Check out the photos gallery on Flickr to see the fun

CodeFest Results

New App / Hackathon Winner: $3000 Prize

This app delighted all who saw it and amazed the crowd that such a polished game experience could be created in just one day.

Developer Team: Team Awesome
App Type: HTML5 / Cross platform app   |   App Status: Under Development
Languages: HTML5   |  IDE / Tools: I
ntel XDK and Construct 2

Description: Can you break the record for the longest spacewalk? Strap yourself into a jetpack and cruise around the space station! Smash asteroids and debris with your hammer to protect the ISS and maximize your fuel. Guard the resupply capsules as they deliver more fuel to you. How will your spacewalk stack up against humanity's best?

Intel Tools and Technology Used:
Used Construct 2 and XDK to test multiple devices and rapidly prototype.

Developer Notes:
Fully supported for desktop browsers and all mobile platforms. A fun, addicting, casual gaming experience with authentic statistics.

Further development needed with additional time for local multiplayer, level design, player progression, and light social features. This game is highly accessible to a wide audience.

Social Good App Winner: $1000 prize + Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for each member
A near unanimous decision by judges.  This app was exactly the kind of app the UN Foundation asked the developers to come up with and within the time, not only does the app look great, it was functional app that allowed questions about pregnancy to be asked then quickly answered 

App Title: Ask MAMA*

Developer Team: BOGLIO LLC
App Type: HTML5 / Cross platform app  |  App Status: Under Development
Languages: HTML5  |   IDE/Tools:  Intel XDK

Description: A social good app that allows expecting mothers with any type of cell phone (dumb or smart) to subscribe to text tips from MAMA or ask MAMA volunteers questions about their pregnancy.

Developer Notes: Used XDK to edit code and test and rapidly prototype. Ability for smartphone app and just text-based communication that helps people.

*This app is not affiliated with MAMA or the UN Foundation 

Runner Up -  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for each member
This app excited the crowd because the team actually had us all using it during their demo. This app provides a local twitter like status updates based on your location without checking in.  Keep your eye on this one, you heard it here first


App Title: Hive   | GitHub 
Developer Team: Benjamin Schachter,MIkhail Nakhimovich, Johnathan Nunez, Matthew Tropiano
Language: HTML5  | IDE / Tools: Intel XDK
Type: HTML5 / Cross platform app  | StatusIn Beta / User Testing 

Description: Twitter meets Reddit.  Don't just post static comments into the void.  Interact with people where you are in real time.  Find out what's popular in the hive.

Developer Notes: Real-time updates without pulls or pushes, where am I, authentication, posts, comments

NDK Ports Completed or in ProcessOther Apps 

Trick Shot Bowling by Golden Hammer Software | Google Play

Bowling with trick shots.  Play traditional 10 frame bowling or try out our custom pin layouts for an extra challenge.High quality graphics and smooth controls on a mobile bowling game.

Scribble Worm & Free Scribble Worm  by Golden Hammer Software | Google Play Paid , Free 

Draw worms with your fingers and watch them come to life in this puzzle game! The shape of your worm determines how it will move around. / The worms are hungry for apples but there are obstacles spinning and moving everywhere on the page. You need to tell them to bounce off the blue walls and avoid the red walls or else they'll get zapped! / Scribble Worm includes 6 books of single-player puzzles and a 2-player worm race! It works great on Honeycomb tablets and any 2.1 or newer phone.

Big Mountain Snowboarding by Golden Hammer Software | Google Play  Regular , Lite

Realistic 3d snowboarding for android. Ride 16 huge trails each featuring a real mountain feel. Race to the bottom, slalom between the gates, or rack up big points with spins and grabs. / Each trail is a different challenge with multiple ways down the mountain. Features trick parks, race courses, and big mountain cliffs. Tilt to turn, lift to jump, and touch the screen to grab your board or to tuck. / Optimized for tablets, but we also support older phones 2.2 and above. Supports Google Play Games Services.

 by Lance Nanek, Andre Smith | 
Description: Telepresence app. The user at a scene of interest has a camera feed that is displayed and sent to a remote user. The remote user can watch the camera feed and send back information by drawing on the feed and it gets shown to the user at the scene. 


Other Hackathon apps

Nika by Studio Mercato
Nika is an abstract strategy game closely modeled after accurate ancient Greek battle tactics. /  / Two to four players race to reach their allied city’s gates, positioned across from them. The first player to reach their victory area across the board wins.

Events Plus bu Govindaraj Kathirvel, Aditya
Events Plus is a Personal Event app connects with top  popular event sources using OAuth and sync with Calender. 

Social Cause by Team Social App
Social Cause is kickstarter app for UN officials to raise funds and support social causesLite Personal Safeties

Awesome Products by Kojo
Search for cool products and call shop to order it. 

Reach by Avi Das, Ken Yu (Leet)
Social good app enabling expecting mothers to get text messages based on their level of pregnancy, geolocation, and region and enabling UN workers to track the progress across sectors

Financoid by GB Reilly
Financial management

Lite Personal Safeties by Jon Y.
An nice working app for making emergency contacts w. a lot of situational and locational info 


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