SES 2013 Hackathon

SES 2013 Hackathon Signage

Offering the flexibility of JavaScript (through the Intel XDK) or the power of native Java code, developers of all skill levels converged at SES 2013 to learn more about developing for Android platforms.  

The turnout- around 10 people- was less than expected; this allowed us to work with the participants on a more personal level, tailoring our dynamic presentation on the fly and solving individual issues. 

The main consideration that we overlooked in designing the content was that of our demographic.  Since my background is in organizing and running student hackathons, the participants had a drastically different mindset than I was used to seeing: they cared less about the final product and more about the journey.  While this can sometimes be true of students, it is almost universal for engineers exploring new tools.  The long duration (8 hours spread over 3 time slots) was not conducive to high attendance, especially when each section of the event was concurrent with other great sessions (I was sad to miss out on some of them myself due to the scheduling).  

Next year we plan to refocus the event, clarifying the target and shaping the scope to better suit the participants' needs.  

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