How to report time-filtering performance data in command line quickly?

The user might use VTune™ Amplifier XE with big project, which runs longer. The user might have interest of seeing performance data on specific time range, the reasons could be  - 1) they don’t care of result in initialization stage 2) they don't care of result in finalization stage 3) they don’t care of result when workload is less 4) Other situations.

Usually the user has two ways to view pieces of data before/ after doing data collection:

1.      Use ittnotify Pause/Resume API in source code to control data collection, see my article

2.      In GUI report,  use “Zoom In and Filter In by Selection” in bottom-up report to generate new result.  

Now we have 3rd method which is to retrieve the data of specific time range directly, see below example.

Build example tachyon from VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013, then collect performance data.

# amplxe-cl -collect advanced-hotspots ./tachyon_analyze_locks

Please see this result in bottom-up report, we have no interest of seeing result in the region from 6.5s to 16.5s, drawing work had completed and waited application to exit (but data collection was still working)

So you can use below command to display result in 0.5s – 6.5s time range, module tachyon_analyze_locks associated functions.

# amplxe-cl -report hotspots -time-filter=0.5:6.5 -r r002ah -filter module=tachyon_analyze_locks

mplxe: Using result path `/home/peter/problem_report/tachyon/r002ah'

amplxe: Executing actions 50 % Generating a report                            

Function               Module                 CPU Time:Self

---------------------  ---------------------  -------------

grid_intersect         tachyon_analyze_locks          2.711

sphere_intersect       tachyon_analyze_locks          2.390

grid_bounds_intersect  tachyon_analyze_locks          0.389

shader                 tachyon_analyze_locks          0.077

pos2grid               tachyon_analyze_locks          0.074

tri_intersect          tachyon_analyze_locks          0.053

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