Getting Involved with Student Hackathons

Thinking about helping out but don’t know where to start?  Have questions or concerns? This list of information/F.A.Q. is for you.

What do I get out of this?

You'll gain experience teaching, public speaking, and managing multiple teams and projects. You'll hone your skills with the technologies being used.  Also, the events are fun!  You'll impact students’ lives in a positive way and if your hackathon is part of the Code for Good initiative, you'll be helping society at large.

What would I be doing?

As a facilitator, your role is to jumpstart the attendees' knowledge of the technology they'll be using, and to keep them from getting stuck throughout the event. No one expects you to have all the answers, but you will be the "extra team member" for every team participating. You'll assist with design, research, implementation, and debugging.

I’m not qualified, don’t know the technology

Generally, neither do the students. We'll help you train up ahead of time and then you'll learn on-site with the attendees. Also, your professional experience as a programmer will be invaluable for overcoming the everyday programming hurdles the less-experienced attendees will encounter, regardless of the technology. One of the most valuable lessons for them is to learn how to learn, aided greatly by exposing them to the process of how you would learn.

Will this detrimentally impact my daily work?

No, but it will require extra time. In most cases, the hackathon is held over a weekend, so if there is no travel required it will be completely outside of work hours.  The experiences here may even help you in the rest of your job.

I don’t like to travel

These events are everywhere - including near you.  If we don’t have one in your area, let us know!

What if I DO like to travel?

Then this is a good development experience for you.  If TNE is an issue, you might be able to get the travel covered depending on the Intel groups sponsoring the event.

Do I have to stay up all night?

You can, but it’s not a requirement.  Some events are scheduled to be within working hours, with participants returning home at night.

I have other questions

Feel free to contact us:

Brad Hill (

Paul Steinberg (


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